About Mark Long

Mark Long studied Karate at the age of 15 and progressed to 1st Dan black belt in shoto-ryu style. He went on to study Long Yang and Chen styles of tai chi.

 In 1993, he enrolled at the college of integrated Chinese medicine to study acupuncture. After graduating in 1996 mark enrolled as member of the British Acupuncture Council.

In 1997 and 1999, Mark traveled to Hangzhou TCM college/hospital in eastern China for further training in Chinese medicine, medical qigong and tai chi.

 It was on the second of these trips that Mark received extensive teaching from Zhang Xin Zhang, a philosophy professor and qi gong practitioner;

Prof. Zhang taught Mark a wide range of practices to engage the spirit, stimulate the Qi and develop the muscular-skeletal system.

Mark continues to actively study and currently offers tai chi and qi gong classes and workshops, as well as Qi massage and acupuncture

Weekly for tai chi classes with qi gong are headed by in Hastings and Bexhill,where beginners and the
more experienced are able to work
on their practice and skills.
Mark is available for consultation and private tuition and he always happy to discuss and work out with your requirements.