Recommended Reading

The Complete Illustrated guide to Chinese Medicine – Tom Williams

Clear, broad, erudite text covering Traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Qiogong and Chinese culture.

Chinese Qigong – Publishing house of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine

Medical Qigong text book, very detailed and practical, a little difficult to get hold of a physical copy.

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu

The original Taoist philosophy text.

Leih Tzu – Leih Tzu

Accessible Taoist philosophy

Zhuang Zi – The Chinese – English bilingual series of Chinese Classic

This is a great version if you can get it, (Penguin classics have their own version) Lots of stories that bring Taosit philosophy alive.

Zen Training – Katsuki Sekida

Clear instructions on Zen meditation methods.

No Self , No Problem – Anam Thubten

Encouraging Buddhist text.

Ch’an And Zen Teaching (First series) – Lu Kuan Yu

Wonderful descriptions of meditation practices and what to look out for.